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Membership Information


Membership is free to all members.


Categories of Membership


Institutional Membership


Institutional members should be willing to be a host/co-host of at least one AALA conference or workshop, and be primarily responsible for the cost of running the conference, within a 5-year period of becoming an Institutional Member. If you are interested in becoming an institutional member, please fill out this form.


Current Institutional Members


British Council, China
The College English Testing Committee, China

Language Training and Testing Center, Taipei, Taiwan
TOEFL Program, Educational Testing Service

Udayana University, Indonesia

University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Zhejiang University, China


Individual Membership: Regular Member


Language assessment professionals based in

Asia or have a research interest in language assessment issues in Asia are welcome to join as individual members. To become a Regular Member, please complete the form below.


Individual Membership: Student Member


Postgraduate students with main research interests in language assessment are welcome to join as Student Members. AALA intends to set up a Student Committee to cater to the activities of Student Members, in addition to regular AALA activities. To become a Student Member, please complete the form below.


Please fill in the form and click on Submit for the form to be sent to the Secretary. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


If you cannot see the form above, please try this form.

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